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LeadsWell CRM helps you attract & close more customers. We give you all the tools you need

to grow your business on autopilot.

How it Works


Stop losing out on potential sales because you aren't capturing your leads. Now that people know about you, let's capture those leads so we can convert them to customers.


Easily reach your customers wherever they are: social media, email, text, voicemail, chat. Follow up with new leads in under 5 minutes with automatic messaging. Engage your leads with nurture campaigns so you always stay top of mind.


Get the power to close more deals. You'll know exactly where each potential client is in the buying process, so you can focus on the ones that are closest to closing. When they are ready to buy you can collect their payment right through the CRM.

Explore Our Comprehensive Suite of Software Features

Standard Features

Included Across All Accounts

Facebook Messenger

Chat with leads and answer questions through Facebook Messenger in our unified conversations thread.

Reputation Management

Reputation Management is crucial for brand growth. Request reviews and manage replies in one integrated view.

Missed Call Text Back

Don't miss another call. Respond immediately, informing a better way to reach you or promising a return call.


Invoice clients directly from within your CRM.

GMB Messaging

Manage your GMB messaging in one account

Text To Pay

Invoice clients directly from within your CRM.

2 Way Text & Email Conversation

Schedule emails or SMS broadcast to your leads & customers to reach more of them.

GMB Call Tracking

Manage call tracking to measure effectiveness on campaigns and conversations.

Web Chat

Live chat with your customers and

generate more sales.

Features you get with every plan

2 way text

GMB Messaging

Web Chat

Reputation Management

FB Messaging

GMB Call Tracking

Missed Call Text Back

Text 2 Pay

Mobile App

Enhance Your Workflow with Pro Tools

Advanced Features

Choose advanced features that suites your businesses needs


Visualize and automate your business processes seamlessly. Save time and increase efficiency.

Email Marketing

Develop robust email campaigns to engage and convert leads effectively. Monitor deliverability rates.

All Reporting

Access comprehensive reports on Ads, Attribution, Call, Agent, Appointment, and more.

SMS & Email Templates

Create consistent messages with canned responses. Save time and maintain communication.


Centralize contact, lead, and customer management in one platform. Streamline your workflow.


Create stunning websites with our user-friendly drag-and-drop builder. Showcase your brand.


Create and manage calendars for bookings and appointments. Stay organized and on track.

HTML Builder

Design beautiful email templates effortlessly. Elevate your marketing campaigns.


Cultivate collaborative online spaces for clients and team members. Foster engagement and growth.


Build your digital membership product effortlessly. Monetize your services effectively.

Documents & Contracts

Securely store and manage important files and agreements. Simplify document management.


Share industry insights and engage your audience with informative content. Drive interaction.


Craft custom landing pages with our intuitive drag-and-drop builder. Convert leads seamlessly.

Affiliate Manager

Maximize revenue through efficient affiliate partnership tracking. Boost your bottom line.


Automate business tasks and processes to save time and increase productivity. Streamline operations.


Generate insightful surveys to understand your customers better. Enhance your business strategy.


Track all your sales opportunities by lead and lead value. Know what's in your funnel at all times!


Automate value-driven campaigns to nurture leads and clients on schedule. Enhance engagement.

Triggers Links

Powerful tracking links so that you can get insights on what is of interest to your market.


Capture lead and customer data with customizable forms. Use form builder for effective follow-up.

Social Planner

Effortlessly manage your social media posts across Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other platforms for enhanced engagement.


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2 Features

1 User

1000 Contacts

Most popular



5 Features

5 Users

5000 Contacts



10 Features

10 Users




All Features



*Separate SMS , Email & Content AI Generator Rates May Apply


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Easily Integrate with

Website Images - Create your website and instantly stand out with a professional modern design.

Sales funnels -Launch all your sales funnels with order forms, upsell pages and automated follow-up.

Blogs - Write and publish blog posts that rank on Google to increase your site traffic for free.

Automations -Automate your workflows, delivery and follow up systems in one place.

Pipelines & CRM -Manage your leads and scale with predictability with the pipeline and CRM feature.

Appointments -Create your calendar, set your availability and start booking more calls to close more deals.

Forms & Surveys -Create your lead forms, application forms, onboarding forms in 1 simple place.

Online Courses -Launch your own courses so you can scale without trading time for money.

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Features that are USAGE based (billed based on usage):

  • Phone System

  • Content AI Generator

  • Workflow AI

  • Conversatioin AI

  • Reviews AI

  • Premium Trigger * Ac

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See what our clients have to say

LeadsWell has doubled my sales!

I was initially skeptical about trying a new CRM system, but LeadsWell has proven to be the perfect solution for our CPR training business. Joe provided an in-depth demonstration and expertly guided us through the onboarding process. The platform is user-friendly, and the automation features have significantly reduced our administrative workload. Leadswell has given us the tools to analyze our client data, resulting in improved communication and increased client satisfaction. I highly recommend it!

Linda, Heartbeat Heroes

LeadsWell has doubled my sales!

Our Medspa has been transformed since we started using LeadsWell CRM. Jay, our sales rep, was incredibly knowledgeable and tailored the demo specifically to our needs. The CRM has helped us streamline our scheduling, and the marketing tools have allowed us to launch targeted campaigns effortlessly. The impact on our bottom line has been astonishing. Any Medspa business will benefit from this fantastic CRM system!

Susan, Serenity Medspa

LeadsWell has doubled my sales!

Integrating Leadswell into our psychiatric practice has been nothing short of phenomenal. Martha was patient and attentive during the onboarding process, ensuring a seamless transition. LeadsWell has simplified patient management, enabling us to focus on providing the best care. The secure messaging feature has enhanced patient communication, and the platform's ease of use is unmatched. We couldn't be happier with our decision to switch to Leadwell.

Dr. John, Mindful Psychiatry

LeadsWell has doubled my sales!

Adopting Leadswell has revolutionized our IV Nutrition business. Joe's ongoing support has been invaluable, and he has been available every step of the way. The CRM's features have allowed us to track our clients' progress and preferences, leading to a more personalized service. Additionally, the marketing automation tools have played a crucial role in expanding our client base. We are grateful for the growth we've experienced since implementing the Leadswell system.

Maria, Vitality Drips

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